Sid is excited by the return of an old broker pal and considers a new career offering bullying advice

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I’m delighted to see my old friend Chris Blackham back in business, and look forward to watching him take a bite out of the Bluefin empire. There was no love lost between Chris and rivals Stuart Reid and Paul Meehan during their brief sojourn, so expect more than a few defections to Howden.

I’m also pleased to see Alex Alway has managed to get himself out of a tight squeeze at Jelf, but I hear that the main investors are unhappy with the firm’s performance. Consolidation of the consolidators – once so noughties – looks increasingly to be the new black.

Expect Giles, Oval and Jelf to deny all rumours for the rest of the year, but do let me know if you see any of them in well-known law firm offices in the City.

Kevin Spencer is clearly on a high at the moment, and don’t underestimate his capability to out-fox IAG in their race for Provident. But watch out too for LV=, whose team knows how to grow into a hardening market. If there are other bidders, please let me know, on the QT as always.

Don’t call the bullying hotline! If you have any stories of executive stress, do let me know. Confidentiality guaranteed by my publisher.

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