Some customers have been having trouble accessing their emails since Friday, a problem SSP is investigating the issues “as priority”

SSP has this afternoon issued a statement after some of its customers have continued to experience integration disruption.

The global software provider first experienced disruption on Friday, and it appears the trouble has continued into this week.

This morning, James Woollam at Hayes Parsons tweeted SSP venting his frustration, saying an “explanation and fix time awaited.”

SSP responded to James, saying it was investigating the issues “as priority.”

Now, SSP has issued a formal statement addressing the issues, insisting people can still access their emails via webmail and on mobile and tablet devices.

Dave Chapman, director of broker at SSP said: 

“A number of our customers have had issues with accessing Outlook on Friday and today. Email (Outlook) is available via Webmail, as well as on mobile and tablet devices. We are speaking to our customers about this, and are resolving it directly with them.”