You decide who wins at the Tech and Innovation Awards 2016

tech awards

The voting for the Tech Champion of the Year Award has now opened.

Insurance Times has shortlisted the candidates (below), all recognised as innovators in their fields. Now it is up to you to decide!

Cast your vote here, before the voting closes on 2 September.

Andrew Brem, chief digital officer, Aviva 

andrew brem

Andrew joined Aviva in December 2014 as the Group’s first chief digital officer. He is accountable for Aviva’s group-wide digital transformation so that we offer customers tailored, convenient and simple products and services through the best of digital.

To read a full bio and to vote for Andrew, click here. 

Tim Yorke, chief operating officer, Equity Insurance Group

tim yorke

Tim joined Equity as COO with responsibility for IT and Operations in 2013. He has successfully enabled ERS to return to profit and growth, re-established its market reputation and created the foundation for a successful future.

To read a full bio and to vote for Tim, click here.

Darren Price, chief information officer, RSA

darren price

Darren Price was appointed RSA Group chief information officer in June 2013 and joined the Group Executive in May 2014. He was responsible for one of the largest insurance IT transformation programmes at RSA moving its IT infrastructure and changing data centres across a number of regions. 

To read full a bio and to vote for Darren, click here. 

Lukas Oberhuber, chief technology officer, Simply Business

lukas oberhuder

From the start, Lukas has insisted that Simply Business be a world-class development organisation. Crucially, he’s hired the best people and has driven tech to empower Simply Business. He’s also implemented ’Test and Learn’ as a cultural imperative, enabling the business to increase sales conversion by 50% in 2015.

To read a full bio and to vote for Lukas, click here. 

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