Partnership with Web Connectivity allows ACORD formatted EDI messages to be received in UK

Xchanging and Web Connectivity have teamed up to provide underwriters with the option of receiving internationally recognised electronic messages rather than London specific EDI (electronic data interchange messages) from Xchanging.

Xchanging will distribute these ACORD messages via Xchanging’s ACORD Gateway, XAG, to underwriters. This service, known as ACORD4ALL, allows Xchanging to deliver legacy EDI messages as their ACORD equivalents.

Over 50,000 ACORD DRI messages per week are processed by Xchanging into the Insurers' Market Repository, powered by Web Connectivity's EnabledB2B Gateway.

Jonathan Bradshaw, managing director Xchanging Ins-sure Services said: “We are delighted to offer broker and insurer customers alike the option to receive their legacy bureau messages in ACORD format. This is an important step forward to help give impetus to simplifying infrastructure and allow streamlining of processes and adoption of ACORD in London.”

James Willison, managing director Web Connectivity added: “Removing Londonisms in the London market is another key step forward in the market reform cycle, to which we are proud to contribute.”

Roy Laker, Assistant Vice President London Market ACORD said, “Combining Xchanging's DRI and legacy messaging volumes puts London as a leading RLC member in volume terms. This is an important part of ACORD plans in London this year.”