36. Layton Blackham Group
Fee and Commission income (2001): £16.4m

36. Layton Blackham Group
Fee and Commission income (2001): £16.4m

Pre-tax profit (2001): £0.1m

Address: 51 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Tel: 0870 160 0201
Fax: 020 7831 8278

Email: charles.whitfield@layton-blackham.co.uk

Website: www.layton-blackham.com

History: Formed in 1984 in Covent Garden, Layton Blackham.

Layton Blackham launched the Quantum Leap acquisition strategy in 1997, and has since acquired 16 brokers. The group continues to seek partners and sees huge opportunities for continued profitable growth in the short and medium term. The group currently operates from 12 centres throughout the UK and has 319 staff.

Layton Blackham Insurance brokers is an dynamic and innovative general insurance broker targeted toward UK SME commercial, corporate and property business and is a member of the GISC.

Elite Policies, the underwriting arm of the LP Group, was born in 1988 and now administers a wide range of commercial package policies on behalf of the major UK insurers.

Layton Blackham Financial Services Ltd provides a bespoke service to our corporate and individual customers and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Chief officer: Chris Blackham

Biography: Prior to entering the insurance business, Blackham taught water-skiing in Europe. He set up Layton Blackham in 1984 in Covent Garden, London, from where the group still trades.

Greatest technological advance: Layton Blackham has changed to a single unified operating system, Microsoft NT, and pursued a policy of utilising software which can be deployed only over a thin client infrastructure using the Citrix Metaframe add-on. This has enabled them to concentrate on in-house skills and become virtually independent of third-party vendors and external support agreements.

Major shareholders: Chris Blackham 100% ords

Main lines of business: Corporate, commercial package, property owners, high net worth individuals and financial services

Special schemes: Elite Policies - broad range of commercial packages including traders, combined, retail, licensed premises, property owners, blocks of flats, and professional indemnity.

Number of UK branches: 12

Number of employees (average for 2001): 319