First set of figures show insurers struggling to comply with updating requirements

The Motor Insurers' Information Centre (MIIC) has branded insurers' compliance with the motor insurers' database (MID) updating requirements "disappointing".

The first set of figures, contained in the January report, revealed that just 25% of insurers managed to hit the target of 95% compliance within 14 days.

A further 50% were above 85% compliance with the rest lagging behind.

MIIC head Neil Drane said: " It is disappointing that despite significant efforts by members only 25% achieved compliance with the target. It is encouraging however that the general trend continues to rise. A further 50% are above the 85% level with half of these over 90% .

The MIIC has not released any timetable by which it will enact sanctions against those who continue to fail to meet the targets. However letters are being sent to all chief executives detailing individual company performance.

Drane said: "The purpose of the sanction process is to encourage compliance not issue fines. On these numbers the impact on the membership will certainly be less than it appeared it might be ."

' The MIIC has reported a further 20 commercial motor companies to the police for failing to supply necessary data.

The action could lead to legal proceedings brought by the Crown Prosecution Service. The majority of these companies are understood to be small to medium sized motor traders.

Drane said: "We can undoubtedly say that motor traders are not as good as fleet operators in supplying the necessary data to the database."

He added that the MIIC had the names of at least 24 other companies it was prepared to report to police.