The ABI has urged the government to amend building regulations to include security requirements for new and refurbished homes in order to slash theft and arson claims.

It said these changes would benefit up to 400,000 homeowners in the first year alone and save the economy £3.2bn over the next 20 years.

Last year insurers paid out £2.9m per day to victims of domestic and commercial burglaries, and arson, according to the ABI. The ABI wants crime-reduction measures designed into homes at the first stage rather than as an add-on at a later date.

Nick Starling, ABI director of general insurance, said: "There is a compelling case for designing crime out of our homes. In London alone, over 300,000 new homes are planned in the next 10 years. Burglary has a high cost, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable. A modest investment can prevent it."

Domestic burglaries cost the economy £2.9bn, and arson a further £2.4bn every year.