Allianz Cornhill is urging loss adjusters and special investigators to raise their standards if they want to be part of its new claims panel.

The insurer said it had spent "a significant amount" raising its own standards and expected its temporary panel of 12 to do the same.

It has issued a strict set of rules, which all companies have to meet by November when Allianz Cornhill will be selecting its team of six from the temporary panel.

Crawfords, GAB Robins and Cunningham Lindsey made the panel, but Capita Insurance Services did not.

Allianz Cornhill claims fraud controller Mihir Pandya said: "Emerging companies including Robertson and Co will also be given the chance to prove themselves instead of the old favourites. Time will tell which companies will raise their standards and which won't be able to compete.

"Those who succeed will see a significant increase in work."

Crawford head of counter fraud Bobby Gracey said: "Crawford has already adopted innovative techniques for detecting fraud with its dedicated counter fraud solution service.

"We believe we can meet the standards required by Allianz Cornhill."