Backchat was wondering whether Aon had shot more than just the chief executive of DP Mann. Has it shot all the call centre staff in its affinity groups, for example, and perhaps their administrative operators too?

Backchat took a call from an irate friend who had just received a letter from Aon, addressed to someone unheard of at that address, telling them that they had 14 days to contact the office or they would lose their pension. Backchat's chum dutifully telephoned to explain that nobody of that name lived there.

The receptionist claimed there was nothing she could do about it, and, when pushed to put the call through to a supervisor, refused and put the phone down. A letter has been sent.

But the following day, a boiler breakdown led the same friend to phone Glo-worm about the warranty. Low and behold, it was an Aon brokered deal again – all the letters are headed Aon Warranty. After listening to the “all the operators are busy” message several times, Backchat's friend found another number. This time he was told all the call centre staff were free and was put through immediately – to an “all our operators are busy” message.

An email to the address on the warranty leaflet (saying “is Aonybody there?”) went unanswered, and it was only when Backchat passed on the number of one of his Aon chums that the matter was resolved.