Send in your questions and Insurance Times will ask them for you

When Stephen Byers's press secretary Jo Moore circulated the famous memo saying that controversial news should only be released when the papers are dominated by really big stories like the war on terrorism, you have to wonder if the the Financial Services Authority (FSA) received a copy. Because it really couldn't have timed its announcement about broker regulation better.

Over Christmas and the New Year brokers were scurrying around looking to place risks. Even good risks have been difficult to place. Lloyd's brokers were queuing all the way to the fire exit stairwells in order to get five minutes at a box with an underwriter - any underwriter.

So it is not surprising that brokers only now seem to be waking up to the real consequences of the FSA's move to bring the regulation of general insurance brokers under its wing.

Now that the issue is on the radar, brokers are desperate to make sure that they can influence the consultation process. Of course, that is what the British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba) is for, but Biba cannot listen to everyone all the time.

That is why Insurance Times is asking you to make your voice heard.

The first meeting between the FSA and the industry is now less than a week away. What are the key questions you want answered?

Do you want reassurance that the FSA will recognise General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) compliance? Why won't secondary distribution agents, such as travel agents and electrical retailers, be regulated? Will commission rates have to be disclosed? These are just a few of the questions that need answers. I'm sure you have many more.

Send in your questions to Insurance Times by email, fax or post (you can find the details on the back page) and we will make sure that the FSA considers them.

You have the power to influence the way that you are regulated. Grasp the opportunity.