Stuart Randall signs up former Brett & Randall colleague


Ataraxia Broking has signed Paul Coupland as broking director.

Coupland was formerly Brett & Randall broking manager. He has joined his former Brett & Randall managing director, Stuart Randall, who is now Ataraxia chief executive.

Randall said: “The move to Ataraxia supports the growing number of brokers that Ataraxia now has an interest in. Ataraxia still remains a bit of an enigma in the market and is always coy about the extent of its involvement with brokers.

“However, this latest appointment marks the start of the next stage of the development of the company, which has taken on a number of strategic shareholdings in provincial brokers and is set to invest in a number of other brokers over the forthcoming months.”

Ataraxia was set up to help broker bosses looking to retire by offering to buy firms with premium incomes between £1.5m and £6m.

However, the deal would let the bosses stay in charge for as long as they want to before they hand over the firm to Ataraxia.

Randall said he is targeting quality staff from consolidators and regional brokers to join the scheme.