Underwriters at Axa Insurance have apologised to an Enfield broker after sending through confusing policy documents.

Marrs Insurance Brokers managing director, Mark Coffer, said Axa's Ipswich underwriting office sent through a renewal for a Mercedes with a document containing “important messages to policyholders” that should be read carefully.

An entry, “No39: car security”, appeared on a separate page entitled “Endorsements applicable”, without mention of what it was or any cross-reference to the accompanying document.

But Coffer said endorsement 39 in the accompanying policy booklet stated the car would not be covered unless it was fitted with a security device conforming to Thatcham standards. He said: “This is a fundamental breach of care by Axa. Is it suggesting we now have to read every word of any new policy booklet sent to us prior to an invitation to renew being issued to a client? We often don't receive documentation until after the renewal. This placed us in an invidious position.”

Axa underwriting technical manager, Andrew Cudmore, said: “We concede our methods of communication on this matter leave a little to be desired and we should be more explicit.”

He added that the issue was now in the hands of Axa's product team.