Marketing offering provides brokers with assistance in retaining clients

AXA is to launch Loyalty Manager, a service to help brokers market to customers more effectively.

Loyalty Manager will work alongside AXA's existing Prospect Manager, although it will be available separately.

Andy Heap, a director of Ignition, which will develop the product in partnership with AXA, said: "Loyalty Manager will keep brokers in regular contact with their clients in a way that is most appropriate for their clients."

Heap, who formerly worked at Groupama and AXA, said Ignition would monitor which broker clients were planning expansion, as well as any new legislation that would affect clients, and then notify the broker that contact should be made.

"The clever part is letting brokers know which clients they need to contact, when and about what. Ignition's part is to make this happen," said Heap.

Six brokers are currently piloting the Loyalty Manager system, which is scheduled for launch in February 2005.

In addition, AXA is developing a version of Prospect Manager, which finds new clients, to target small business clients with fewer than 10 employees. Prospect Manager Lite is due for launch around the middle of 2005.

"There are not many medium-sized companies in the UK," Heap said. "But there are many more small companies so the market of potential clients is much bigger."

About 80 brokers use Prospect Manager. Heap said he hoped that the majority of these brokers would sign up for both of the new systems.

Discounts will be available to brokers who already use Prospect Manager.