BDML could offshore some of its sales function as part of a 130-seat expansion programme over the next 12 months.

The broker is looking at a new site in the UK as well as a facility in India to deal with business generated from Norwich Union's (NU) failed leads and other expansion areas.

BDML director Sandy Dunn said: "An Indian call centre is a very serious option for us.

"I have had discussions with NU over the success of its operation. The principle of a call being taken in India by NU and then transferred to BDML is not difficult to understand."

Whichever option BDML takes, the company is looking to get its new facility up and running by the first quarter of 2005. This will be in time to deal with the bulk of the failed leads from NU Direct, Hill House Hammond run-off and NU partnerships.

Dunn said: "One of the key differentials for us is to make sure we take on business we can handle."

  • BDML has raised £17m to buy out US investor Stephen Lockwood, who owns 34% of the company.