From rates to swine flu, there'll be a lot on the agenda according to Keith Hector

Keith Hector is distribution director of commercial lines intermediary at AXA Insurance:

How have you been preparing for Biba 2009?

Personally I’ve not had much time to think about it yet - 2009 has been a very busy year! Our team looking after the stand have been working hard to make the conference as big a success as possible.

Have you got any big plans?

We are sponsoring the opening reception on Wednesday, and have a dinner for our guests at Knowsley Hall on Thursday. On the stand we’ll be majoring on demonstrating the service improvements we have made and continue to drive forward.

What are you looking forward to?

As always, the opportunity to have more discussions on account development in two days than I am able to have in a normal month! And the opportunity to catch up with market friends on the stand over a fine glass of claret from AXA’s vineyards.

What will be the hot topics this year?

Signs of rates hardening, support for the Independent Broker, and swine flu if anyone sneezes.

How will it compare to recent years?

Manchester 2005 was excellent so hopefully more of the same, without the big hangover on Friday morning. An indian head massage on our stand may prove useful in that respect should I need it!

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