The cost of repairs and lost trade at Boscastle could be up to £50m, analysts have warned. GAB Robins, Cunningham Lindsey and Munters have dealt with claims in the Cornish village devastated by flash floods last week.

GAB Robins said some of the claims its major and complex team worked on have an initial total estimate in excess of £1m.
The loss adjuster's major and complex loss director Paul Burchill said it was still difficult to quantify the total value of damage at Boscastle.

He said that investigations were still in the early stages, but that damage would run into several million pounds.
Burchill added: "With tourism as the mainstay of the village's economy, business interruption costs will have an impact."

The Munters team were able to limit the business interruption exposure of the Boscastle Pottery, which was up and running within two days of the flooding.