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Broking group Brightside has put 50 jobs at risk as part of a restructuring programme for its non-customer-facing functions.

The functions affected by the restructure include IT, marketing and finance.

The formal consultation period for the potential cuts will begin mid-July and the final decision announced by the middle of August.

The affected jobs make up 7% of Brightside’s total headcount and are non-customer-facing roles in the broker’s head office.

The broker’s chief people officer Suzie Noble said she expected a large number of the job cuts to be achieved by not replacing leavers, restrictions on non-customer-facing recruitment and, where possible, voluntary redundancy.

She said: “We have started the consultation process and have briefed staff who may be impacted. We intend to be open, transparent and fully consultative, in keeping with our business values.”

The restructuring programme is designed to “right-size the business” following the completion of Brightside’s IT overhaul, the company said.

The company also said it was designed to increase individual managing directors’ responsibility.

Noble said: “Now that our senior team is full strength, we want our MDs to take full ownership and accountability for all parts of their business units, not just sales, distribution and claims but their relevant support services too.

“Furthermore, we need to reduce the number of non-customer-facing roles in head office to ensure we are in the best shape to meet the current and immediate future needs of our business.”

She added: “We have come to the end of the latest round of change and, with our CDL Strata platform now in place, Brightside needs to move to the next phase of its plan delivery, which requires a different capability set.”