Does this case not outline the huge difference between dealing with a small broker and a large direct company?

Mr Webb (Esure's head of corporate communications) states that "each incident of Karen's complaints occurred in isolation from knowledge about her trauma".

I am pleased to say that if Karen had been one of my clients she would have received a bouquet of flowers while in hospital and we would have made regular inquiries as to her state of health.

The knowledge in our small office is available to everyone as we work together as team to provide a personal, professional, friendly service. Get well, birthday and congratulation cards are all part of our service.

Our claims records are available to sales staff so that they have the full information when dealing with clients. Frankly I cannot understand how you can provide a valid quotation without knowledge of previous claims.

No doubt Karen has now learned from this experience and will insure her vehicle through her employer's agency or a local friendly broker. It may cost her a little more but at least she will be provided with personal service and sympathy should she be unlucky enough to have another claim.

Valerie Wood
Cockcroft Insurance