BVSF wants partner to extend recycled parts scheme

The British Vehicle Salvage Federation (BVSF) is to approach the Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS) in a bid to expand its recycled parts scheme.

Alan Greenouff, chairman and secretary general of BVSF, said: "News of the CIS scheme is encouraging to us. I know it was interested generally in the scheme and I am proposing to ask what it is doing, and whether it wants to join in discussions with us."

The CIS project supports First Step Trust, a charity that develops work projects for the long-term unemployed, by diverting end-of-life vehicles to its Salford premises for de-polluting and sourcing of reusable motor parts.

The insurer has announced plans to open up two further recycling centres in the North West. CIS also said it was enthusiastic about offering the service to other motor insurers.

A spokesman said: "This particular relationship we are trying to build is only going to help other initiatives around the country. We need to develop more and more of these types of relationships, as well as the BVSF pilot, so there is more than once source for repair workshops."

The BVSF faced difficulties last year after MMA chief engineer Gary Brench, who was supervising the project, left the company.

BVSF claims that using recycled parts for vehicles of at least five years old, or if it is not economically viable to have new parts fitted, could save insurers more than £200m.