Web broker warns of flaws in cheap policies

Web broker bestdealininsurance.co.uk has warned homeowners not to panic buy cheap home insurance to avoid price rises caused by recent floods, claiming cheap polices will leave them uninsured.

Andrew Perryman, the site’s sales director, said: “Many people will have a knee jerk reaction to the rising cost of home insurance and will buy the cheapest cover they can find.

"While shopping around makes sense, many consumers are unaware of what the cover on their cheap policy entails. They see what looks like a good deal and buy it, without taking any advice.

"This means that when it comes to claiming, in many cases their claim will be rejected as they are simply not covered.”

He warned common flaws in cheap policies included:

• Accidental damage not included

• Doors, cupboards and kitchen units not covered

• Carpets not covered

• Taps left on when supplies cut off that then flood homes, not covered

• Voluntary higher excesses added to standard excesses.

“Some people will find themselves grossly out of pocket should they need to claim,” Perryman warned

He claimed that on the Tesco website the accidental damage option could be selected only once an initial premium had been offered.

“Most people could easily assume that the cover is already included,” he said.

“Consumers should never just buy a policy because it looks cheap without first looking in to it fully. Advice from a specialist broker will cost you nothing and will ensure that you have the protection you need to cover any eventuality.”