A new governing board of 13 people including employer and consumer members is to be created to replace the CII's existing 49-person council. The council itself will then be expanded to 65 members with a representative function.

Ian Templeton, CII president, stated: "The CII will be able to deliver a fully representative council and a more inclusive board meeting best practice governance standards. This will make way for quicker and much more efficient decision-making. Change was essential and our members recognised that."

In voting for the proposals, members acknowledged that the existing council, which currently has no representative function, needed to become a forum for the full discussion and representation of members' views.

It was also thought that a smaller board should meet more frequently than the existing council, so that it could provide quicker and more efficient governance.

The governance changes are part of the CII's wider modernisation programme to help it deliver a more relevant professional body. Other recent innovations include online examinations and a broker academy.

It is anticipated that the transfer to the new governance arrangements will take place after the annual meeting on 18 July.