At the recent CII conference, FSA director of high street firms Sarah Wilson left brokers in no doubt that the regulator would not be holding their hands through the authorisation process.

"Here are the rules, now get on with it," was the message.

Granted, there will be a help line and information on the FSA's website, but Wilson made it clear that the regulator "was not a consultancy". Suggestions from a delegate that the FSA should provide templates of documents that firms could adapt were shot down in flames as being "inappropriate".

It is, therefore, even more important that you read, understand and address the rules now. The FSA won't do it for you. So take advantage of this page.

Also, take a look at the leaked draft of the FSA's application form on the Insurance Times compliance website, You will get a feel for the sort of information that you have to submit. (Incidentally, the FSA does not want you to see this for fear that you will be confused by subsequent changes in the final version). Let us know if there are any issues that you want us to explore for you.

Michael Faulkner