Survey reveals poor customer experience on insurance websites.

Insurance websites are failing to deliver an acceptable level of customer experience and service, according to a survey by Harris Interactive and Tealeaf.

The survey revealed that almost nine in ten (89%) UK consumers conducting transactions online experienced problems – an increase of 12% since 2007 – with nearly half abandoning online transactions because of this.

More than a quarter of respondents who used the internet to look for insurance encountered insufficient, incorrect, or confusing information on the websites they logged on to.

They cited a number of errors, including half of users saying sites were too slow, nearly a quarter (23%) unable to pay for their insurance because their credit card would not go through and 30% finding the sites too hard to navigate.

Max Blumberg, customer management strategist at the University of London and corporate psychologist, said: “The effect of online issues is far reaching. “Customers are operating in a digital age where they have a number of options to quickly make their thoughts known about a company.

“The ramifications of this can be huge. Online businesses need to make every effort to streamline and improve the experience of their visitors. The reward will be increased return on investment, improved brand perception, and repeat business.”