Life's tough for Folgate Partnership (or should it now be Towergate Partnership) chief executive Andy Homer

The final throes of the merger of Towergate and Folgate, announced this week, were completed while chairman Peter Cullum was on holiday in Mauritius.

And being a chairman of the decidedly executive type, Cullum insisted on dictating material for press releases and other supporting documents down the line from Mauritius.

However, he chose not to use one of Folgate's secretaries - or rather he used Folgate's highest paid secretary, Andy Homer.

For one hour and 10 minutes, Homer listened and scribbled while Cullum held forth from Solar central. At that point Homer had to give up with cramp - only to be reminded that he was a wimp because Cullum developed sunburn during his dictation. There's no pleasing some bosses, eh?