The consultation period for the Lloyd's Chairman's Strategy Group (CSG) proposals has ended.

As a result, Lloyd's members will soon be able to vote on the proposals.

Last Wednesday, 16,000 Lloyd's members were official notified that the EGM will be held on 12 September.

Members will vote on the simple, yet controversial, motion to support all the CSG proposals or not.

Members, who provide capital to the market, are entitled to one vote for every half a million pounds of capital that they provide.

Lloyd's will soon be sending out details of its response to the consultation process and any changes to the proposals that have resulted from it.

The next key deadline is 10 September, the date by which all proxy votes must be received.

A Lloyd's spokesman said the market is confident the proposals will be voted through.

However, some have been making their objections known.

It is understood that Lloyd's chairman Sax Riley recently wrote to Australian Association of Lloyd's Members deputy chairman Patrick Moore to urge him to support the proposals.

Moore has been lobbying Names to vote against the proposal at the meeting.