Subsidence specialist Infront Solutions has launched a no-fee service for subsidence claims that has attracted the attention of Direct Line.

Infront Solutions managing director Dave Moore said the new service could save insurers more than £1,000 per claim.

Moore added he was in talks with a number of insurers, including some of his existing customers about piloting the scheme. Infront currently works with Axa and Direct Line, among others.

Subsidence claims, which are averaging £8,500 per claim, include more than £2,000 of fees, said Moore. “We are offering a no-fee service, billing only for the cost of the work. Then any savings between our bill and a pre-agreed benchmark will be split between the insurer and us,” he explained.

Infront is setting the average subsidence cost claim at £6,500. “We would typically bring a claim in at £4,000 and then share the £2,500 savings,” he said.