After Backchat highlighted the success of broker Tony Allen's wife Paige and her Fruity Faces on BBC's Dragon's Den last week, another insurance entrepreneur has come out of the woodwork.

It seems Andrew Gordon of NIG became extremely frustrated (like most of us) on visiting bars and restaurants with excessively wobbly tables.

Unhappy with makeshift solutions to the problem such as old beer mats, bits of newspaper, napkins etc, he saw a gap in the market.

He tells Backchat: "I was in fact one of the first to appear on the show, and despite being ripped apart by the dragons, I have sold half a million units of my invention. The product, called STABLEtable, is a unique idea to stop tables from wobbling!"

Rather than old cardboard, Gordon uses plastic. Go to and witness the magic.

Backchat can safely say his desk is now as firm as Jordan's chest, though his seat is still slightly wobbly from sitting on a fruity face.