Last week a court in Swindon became the unlikely champion in the fight against the compensation culture.

An ex-employee of Zurich failed to win her claim against the insurer after she was injured in an egg-and-spoon race.

Sarah Cutler decided to sue Zurich Financial Services after she slipped over during a mock school sports day designed to boost employee morale.

Around 60 employees took part in the day's event last August and Cutler was on her way to winning the egg and spoon event when light rain fell, and so did she. It was later discovered she had fractured her sternum.

She claimed her employer had required her to race on wet grass and that she was "effectively at work" and the field was the workplace.

The judgment came after Charlie Cory-White, for Zurich, told Swindon County Court: "There is an element of over-egging."

The recorder said there was "not a shred of evidence" to support her claim.

A spokesman for leading eggs-pert 'no-win, no-fee' firm Humpty, Dumpty & Co said: "She was robbed."