The priceless Nelson Collection, situated on the concourse at Lloyd's, is to be closed temporarily to accommodate a coffee bar as the 1958 building is vacated for demolition.

However, a Lloyd's spokesman said that the collection of Lord Nelson memorabilia, one of the highlights for visitors to Lloyd's, will remain in the 1986 building.

Lloyd's owns the 1958 building until the end of the year, and it is scheduled for demolition in the first quarter of 2002.

Lloyd's has said that a new "high street branded" coffee outlet will be situated on the Nelson Collection site, providing morning and afternoon facilities.

In a further blow to Lloyd's regulars, the prestigious waiter-service restaurant The Captains' Room closed last week, and no similar service is to be provided.

However, Lloyd's pass holders have been told they can book private dining facilities that are waiter-served in the existing conference rooms on the concourse level.

In addition, the 1688.doc restaurant will shut in mid-August, as the catering facilities of the 1958 building are also moved to the 1986 building.

Detailed planning to transfer the existing food hall from the old to the new building has already begun. However, the Angerstein Bar and the Wine Bar are two further casualties of the reorganisation.

The completion of the catering changes is scheduled for mid-September.