European Commission plans on technology cutting out speeding, distraction and drink-driving unveiled

The European Commission (EC) is planning a raft of new safety measures using technology that will radically cut the frequency of claims.

However, the laws will require all cars to have more powerful technology, which could inflate the cost of repairs.

New cars built after May 2022 will be fitted with anti-speeding devices to alert drivers when they break legal limits.

In-built breathalysers to cut out engines amid drink-driving will also be installed.

At first the EU wanted all vehicles to have automatic technology to limit engines to speed limits, but a compromise has been reached where an intelligent speed assistance (ISA) will alert drivers upon their speeding.

There will also be technology to alert drivers distracted, such as with mobiles, and those falling asleep.

Around 140,000 serious road-traffic injuries could be prevented by 2038 under the plans. The bill will apply from May 2022 for new vehicles not yet in production and from May 2024 for cars already ­being sold.

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