FCA release warning relating to Blue Insurance, who it says is a clone of an authorised firm

The FCA has issued a warning over a cloned broker, which is a practice used by fraudsters to acquire personal information.

The regulator published a warning on its website, outlining how an authorised company was cloned.

Cardiff-based Blue Insurance Limited is a registered company with the FCA.

But it has recently been cloned by another company, which is not authorised but uses the same company name to fool customers into providing their personal data, and in some cases, to take payment for policies they have no right to be selling.

The FCA said that anyone emailing from the email address ’blueinsuranceuk@gmail.com’ or working on the site ’https://www.theblueinsurance.uk/’ is not authorised and is the clone.

How to protect yourself

The FCA urges anyone who may be approached by a company out of the blue to check the financial services register to make sure they are registered.

It also says that if a firm does not appear on the register but claims it does, contact the FCA Consumer Helpline.