Businesses believe the UK is better prepared to handle a terrorist threat than this time last year.

A survey on business continuity management conducted in January found that 36% of respondents said the UK was sufficiently prepared for terrorist threats, up from 23% last year. But 36% also thought the UK was insufficiently prepared. This was down from 49% in 2003.

The survey, conducted by the Chartered Management Institute and the Business Continuity Institute, found that the loss of IT and telecommunications capacity continued to dominate the list of events that have caused disruption to UK businesses over the past year.

The number of respondents with business continuity plans in place is slowly creeping up, at 47% this year, compared to 46% in 2003 and 45% in 2002.

Bigger businesses continue to dominate these figures, as 69% of companies with turnover of more than £11m have a business continuity plan, compared to only 34% with turnover below £11m.