Fortis Insurance is to offer commercial policyholders a 10% discount on premiums if they undertake an online risk assessment.

The insurer has agreed to promote two RiskSmart products - Health&Safety-Smart and FireSmart - to try to reach the estimated 70% of businesses that have not undertaken legally-required workplace assessments.

RiskSmart managing director Peter Wilson said: "Changes to fire safety legislation mean that it is now a legal requirement for every UK company to conduct a fire risk assessment.

"However, our research shows that only 22% of UK businesses have completed the fire risk assessment."

Both products are designed to lead employers through a complete assessment of their health and safety and fire risk responsibilities, producing a report and action plan.

Fortis operations director Shaun Astley said the deal gave companies a quick, easy and cost effective way of exhibiting good risk management.

"Companies increasingly need to demonstrate that they have a comprehensive and effective safety regime in place," Astley said.

Undertaking either assessment will attract an automatic 10% discount from Fortis - a benefit that RiskSmart is hoping to extend to other insurers.

Wilson said: "There is a growing feeling that health and safety is going to become more and more important.

"The product sorts out those people who are taking risk management seriously. It may well help to identify better risks."

The company also offers a free FireSmart4Home online assessment supported by a number of fire brigades and promoted through schools.