Growing aviation broking network G.A.I.N (Global Aviation Insurance Network) has struck a deal to get its legal advice, risk management and claims services from Holman Fenwick & Willan.

The deal provides services for G.A.I.N members who share market updates and support services.

The network brings together independent aviation insurance brokers to win extra buying power by placing blocks of aggregated business.

G.A.I.N founder John Lumley said: "Having launched G.A.I.N in 2002 we already have four broker members in the Americas and two brokers and a local insurance company in Europe.

"Our objective is to have a member in each country with significant general

aviation activity covering all continents."

The Holman's team will be led by partner Paul Wordley and aerospace manager Jerry Flaxman, a former aircraft engineer with more than 20 years' aviation insurance claims experience.

Wordley said: "No one has formed such a technically advanced aviation insurance network before.

" Lumley has the credentials and vision to develop the G.A.I.N network into a market force."