A row has broken out between Brit Insurance and Giles Insurance Brokers.

Despite rumours that Brit had withdrawn its agency from Giles, Brit underwriting centre managing director Brent Escott said that the agency remained. He admitted: "There are issues bubbling away about whether Chris [Giles} is supporting us or not."

Escott added cautiously: "Giles is looking to grow in a certain way and we are looking to build relationships on a sustainable long-term basis." He added: "Giles is undergoing a massive change and there are areas that we need to try to develop."

Chris Giles said there had been arguments with Brit about where Giles places its business.

"It's a little local tiff," he said.

He explained that Giles places mainly construction risks with Brit and that these are placed through Giles' Croydon office. He added that Brit has a Glasgow office and that it might prefer business through that route.