The Financial Services National Training Organisation (FSNTO) is recruiting General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) assessors.

FSNTO's GISC development manager Kate Davison said the organisation was talking to 12 to 20 consultants, but needed hundreds in order to assess companies for GISC compliance.

Under GISC rules, which are being challenged by the Institute of Insurance Brokers, insurance industry workers will have to attain approved levels of competence. If the challenge is overturned, GISC rules are expected to become compulsory in 2002.

The FSNTO is holding its first assessor training day on November 9.

The organisation is also launching a website that will allow insurance industry workers to assess their GISC training requirements. It will be launched in the new year.

The site will ask users to indicate what qualifications they have and what kind of professional training they have done. Once the questions have been asked, users will be directed to other sites where advice and training will be available.

  • The FSNTO is launching its guide to GISC training and competence on

    CD-Rom. For further details call 020 7260 3742.

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