Glacier Insurance partners with Sciemus

Glacier Insurance is to support the Space In-Orbit Insurance Consortium led by Sciemus Space Insurance Services with immediate effect.

The consortium will provide a unique technical approach in the sector, with the additional capacity provided by Glacier increasing the consortium line size to $35m.

Andre Finn, chief executive of Sciemus, said: “We are delighted that Glacier Insurance, a highly experienced and well-respected participant in the space insurance market, has elected to place capacity with Sciemus.

"This represents further validation of Sciemus’ approach to the market and the value that the market places on Sciemus’ technical capabilities.”

Morten Pahle, senior space underwriter and UK branch manager of Glacier Insurance added: “The technical expertise and tools used by Sciemus set standards for the remainder of the space market and Glacier is very pleased to be part of this consortium. The Sciemus approach is closely aligned with our own space underwriting strategy, which we are continuing to further develop independently.

"We believe that superior analytics and technical evaluation are critical in this sector, not only to deliver sustained profitability but also to provide our clients with market-leading products and service. We look forward to a highly successful partnership with Sciemus.”