Hold on to your hairnets people, Hell's Grannies are coming to town.

Yes, the blue and purple rinse brigade, once best known for Victoria sponges and walks along Blackpool promenade, are a menace on Britain's pavements, according to a Liberal Democrat MP.

Bob Russell has called for rules governing the use of motorised wheelchairs, saying there should be more regulation on third party insurance for users.

The mean machines can reach 8mph and could hurt pedestrians if there is a collision, warned Russell.

But perhaps the call is not as far fetched as it initially appears. The ABI said third party insurance for motorised wheelchairs was already available, and while take up had initially been slow, it is rapidly increasing. Most cover is purchased at the point of sale for the wheelchairs.

And dear Nanna might be well advised to buy some cover. Apparently, one claim relating to a motorised wheelchair was settled at £75,000 a few years ago.

That's enough for quite a few cruises on the QE2.