Insurer refutes that loss of control is main cause of motorcycle deaths

Motorbike Rider

Groupama Insurances says it has “proved categorically” that other road users are the main cause of motorcycle deaths, refuting the suggestion on the BBC TV programme ‘How Safe are Britain’s Roads?’ that loss of control on bends is the main cause.

The insurer analysed over 1,600 claims and found that four out of five motorcycle accidents are caused by other road users.

Of all the claims analysed, none was caused by loss of control on a bend and 81% were accidents involving another vehicle.

Groupama Insurances claims director Darren Wills said: “‘How Safe are Britain’s Roads?’ prompted heated discussion on online motorcyclist forums. As a leading motorcycle insurer with a specialist motorcycle claims team dealing with the unhappy consequences of accidents day in day out, we were immediately sceptical about the statements made on the programme. They claimed that the majority of deaths happen on rural roads with loss of control on bends being the most common cause. 

“This simply didn’t correlate with the claims we receive and, as one of the largest insurers of motorcyclists in the UK, we have a very accurate picture of the real causes of motorcycle claims.”

The company said the findings will be welcomed by many motorcyclists who expressed outrage at being unjustly accused of poor driving skills after the programme aired.