Peter Staddon should not under-estimate the ABI's commitment to helping older customers to get the insurance they need in "Biba raps ABI elderly drive" (News, 29 March).

Insurers are responding positively in meeting, wherever possible, the insurance needs of older customers. And the market is growing: for example, the average upper age for accepting new customers for motor insurance has risen to 82, compared to 74 a decade ago.

Our evidence shows that the minority of older customers who face problems obtaining cover do so because they are not sure how to access the specialist providers.

This is why we have set up a task force of insurers, brokers, charities and consumer groups to tackle this issue. As members of this task force, Biba  will be able to play a constructive role in shaping a system that helps as many older customers as possible to get the insurance they need.

Malcolm Tarling, ABI