I am writing in response to the broker who complained that through another broker we had under-cut an existing renewal (8 January, Insurance Times). Thanks for drawing the issue to my attention and hands up, we've got this one wrong. Rather than help meet rising claims costs, NIG's policy on commercial risks pricing is generally to look for additional premiums.

In a business that employs people to make decisions as close to our brokers as possible I know we are not going to get it right every time. This is as disappointing to me as it is to the broker concerned.

We do need to look at these events to ensure that when we do get it wrong we learn why and change what we're doing. To do that we need to know about these incidents, hence the "thanks".So I'd like to encourage any broker who has an issue of this nature to bring it to our attention.

Feedback is valuable and unless we know where we are getting it wrong we won't be able to improve our service.It is our policy to resolve such issues locally and I am personally disappointed that we were unable to do so in this case. The information in the letter enabled us to identify the case in question and as a result, we have made initial contact with the broker concerned to acknowledge the position and reassure him that the matter is under review.

Once we have been able to review the precise course of events and reasons behind the decisions with all those involved, I will contact the broker and make him aware of what we've learnt and what we intend to do about it.

Charles Earle
Managing director, commercial