Insurers and brokers should work collectively in establishing a set of themes to enhance the industry's reputation, AXA chief executive Peter Hubbard has urged.

"As an industry we don't have a common theme, but a number of different themes within the industry," he said. "As a consequence when we represent ourselves to the government we all have different messages."

But Lloyd's director of worldwide markets, Julian James, told CII delegates it was the responsibility of the trade bodies to communicate the value of insurance to the public and government.

He said the CII, ABI and Biba were "clear bodies which represent the views of the industry".

Zurich UK General Insurance chief executive Ian Stuart said he wanted to see a more joined-up approach from industry associations and the regulator. Hubbard agreed.

Stuart said the industry needed to agree a set of principles, negotiate what customers want to know and deliver information in a simplified form.

Commenting on the session Grant Taylor, chief executive of Eastern Alliance, said: "We don't trumpet what we do well."

He added that he wanted to see Lloyd's working more closely with the non-subscription market to enhance the industry's reputation.