I thank Dr RW Martin (Letters, 13 July) for his most interesting appraisal of my company's products and my attitude towards the insurance industry in general.

In response, I'd like to share the 'true facts'.

Yes, my Paymentshield product does give 30 days' notice. However, this wording is clearly placed up front, within the policy summary, and not hidden (as is usual for many providers) among numerous pages of policy documents. If Dr Martin had cared to properly inspect my product portfolio, he would also have found my latest offering - Shelter - where cover is guaranteed for five years.

Re comments on alien abduction, immaculate conception etc. These policies were never, in fact, sold. My intent was irony and to inject a little humour into what is often described as a 'dry' subject.

Paymentshield's exclusions under the disability section are compliant with the ABI and CML baseline standard. As far as claims rejections are concerned, in-line with FSA guidelines, I record all client complaints. So far, I've received none. And over 70% of premiums received go into our claims fund as opposed to the industry average of 10%.

Dr Martin's final comment re championing the consumer but with restrictive products certainly doesn't ring true. British-insurance.com regularly tops the national media's PPI 'best buy' price comparison tables (including Which?), has endorsements from independent research houses such as Defaqto and Moneyfacts and tops the internet insurance premium comparison portals such as bestdealinsurance.co.uk, money.net.co.uk, insuresupermarket.com, moneysupermarket-.com and uswitch.com

I doubt national press journalists and other 'consumer champions' would give my company the thumbs up if they hadn't thoroughly checked my ethics and products first.

Simon Burgess
Managing director