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One year on since the banking system was brought to the brink of collapse, and the world’s major economies are still working out how to prevent a repeat of the crisis (and pay for the bank bailouts that followed).

In this month’s issue of Insurance Agenda, Nathan Skinner explores some of the key risk management issues raised by the financial crisis (page 2).

Moving from the global agenda, to issues that are for the most part UK focused, Ellen Bennett looks at the major legislative topics that will impact on the insurance industry in the coming months and years (page 3).

As the economic downturn continues to bite, risk managers are under pressure from their employers to prove their worth. We look at how risk managers can do this and how brokers and insurers can assist (page 4).

Finally, with the recent Validus/IPC and Paris Re/PartnerRe mergers, David Sandham looks at current consolidation trends in the reinsurance sector (page 5).