It’s been a while since Backchat has had the (dubious) pleasure of copping an eyeful of naked insurance workers in a calendar (Broker Layton Blackham unveiled a striking one a while back – the man holding the bomb is memorable).

Kwik-Fit’s addition to the genre, in aid of cancer support charity Tak Tent, raised both a smile and a tear.

Certainly, the photo of Kwik Fit boss

Martin Oliver in his birthday suit rummaging around a strategically placed raffle box (“It’s in here somewhere”) will haunt Backchat for some time.

And the five-a-side football wall photo-graph affected Backchat in that special way that only images of impending genital torture can do.

One final thought.

Backchat hopes Kwik-Fit’s performance wasn’t unduly hindered by the no doubt cold Lanarkshire weather.

We salute you!