A law firm claims to have pioneered a solution to the problem insurers face from serious injury claims involving children.

Potential claims involving children can be allowed to lie dormant until they reach the age of 21, creating uncertainty for insurers.

But law firm Thring Townsend said it had achieved a breakthrough by successfully persuading the court to begin proceedings.

The firm adopted an approach which saw the defendant, Sabre Insurance, issue proceedings against the claimant.

Thring Townsend partner Melanie Richens said: "As far as we are aware, this is the first time an insurance company has successfully managed to persuade the court to initiate proceedings and set out a timetable for the future conduct of the claim."

She added: "Our success in this area will have huge ramifications for other insurers who have accepted liability and want to progress, agree and conclude these types of claims as quickly as possible."