Those extranets at NIG

I would like to reply to the recent letter from Frank Cottle of the Lansdown Brokerage, who has expressed concerns about NIG distributing its motorcycle rating guide via the internet.

Feedback from many brokers highlighted that they were unhappy about receiving, throughout the year, numerous copies of motorcycle guides when often they place this type of business only occasionally. Issues such as finding the up-to-date copy among already "overstuffed" filing systems were raised.

In response to this feedback, we added the guide to the NIG extranet giving those who wish to use it, instant access to the latest rates and information. Although the guide is 50 pages, users can print off just the sections they require.

The extranet should also be viewed as an extension to our service, not a withdrawal of the guide, as a paper guide can still be requested in the traditional way.

However, we are keen to improve our services even further, so we are also developing an online motorcycle quote facility that will enable brokers to obtain quotes without the need to download all the rating information.

David Grant
Marketing & sales manager

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