Lloyd’s drive towards greater operational efficiency has been given renewed impetus with its appointment of G6 head Sue Langley.

Langley, who has been a key part of the group responsible for pushing business process reform, will join the corporation as director of market operations and North America in the summer.

She is the latest person to be recruited from the market to help achieve process change, following the secondment of David Harris from Amlin and Aon’s Nigel Roberts, earlier this year.

Langley, who has resigned as chief operating officer at Hiscox, will be responsible for ensuring the market is a streamlined, easy place to do business, as well as managing Lloyd’s offices in the US and Canada.

The chairman of G6, which has been the driver behind peer-to-peer trading at Lloyd’s, is held in high regard among market practitioners.

Expectations are that she will help build on progress made to date to ensure that operational efficiency remains top of the Lloyd’s agenda.

An industry source said: “Sue Langley is uncommonly good at making things happen, so if [process reform] is going to happen then she will, like all operational people, be able to grapple with it.

But, he added: “She needs to have a sanction, so she can say, ‘unless you do this then there will be action’. If she is issued with the correct weapon then she will get the job done.”

Concerns that Langley’s appointment will spell the end of G6 have been dismissed by senior industry figures with the group already handing more responsibility over to the Lloyd’s Market Association.

A source told Insurance Times: “G6 has in effect, run its course. It will stay in existence, but it has served its purpose of being the tinder box that has sparked reform.”