Company plans to rebrand as Helios Underwriting

Lloyd’s investment vehicle Hampden Underwriting is proposing changing its name to Helios Underwriting.

The change is subject to approval by shareholders and the Financial Conduct Authority. Shareholders will vote on the new name on 5 December.

Hampden Underwriting is part of the Hampden Group, which also comprises Lloyd’s members’ agency Hampden Agencies.

The company said: “Within the Hampden Group there is already an entity named Hampden plc and confusion has been noted by clients of the members’ agency as well as by the directors of and advisers to Hampden Underwriting.

“After much debate it is being proposed that the name Hampden Underwriting is changed to Helios Underwriting. It is the intention that the close mutual association between the company and the Hampden Group will continue in all other respects.”