The cost of injury and illness to the victim, their employer and society as a whole are unsustainable Rehabilitation is much cheaper than the alternative, and we need to identify those costs and benefits more clearly and we believe that this could be a major contribution from the insurance industry.

TUC policy is for a legal requirement for employers to have a policy framework in place, small firms will need help to develop these policies and the insurance industry can help.

Our preference is for that to be part of the mandatory health and safety policy, partly because of the way that will then link the two issues, rather than have the rehabilitation policy in competition with, or undermining the health and safety policy.

Rehabilitation should not be restricted to those who are away from work as a result of their injury or illness. It should focus on a range of interventions and not be restrictive.

The government should improve guidance for the GPs on their role in relation to the working life of their patients, would be of great benefit.